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About Artwork for Kids
This service is offered primarily to daycare centers/providers, churches with children's programs, and community centers/organizations (e.g., YMCA, YWCA, etc.) sponsoring developmental programs for children. It serves to:
provide children with an opportunity to explore the art world extend an opportunity for childcare providers/facilities to expand or enhance current program offerings. Tailor art sessions that fit your needs

We believe an artist exist in everyone. We strongly believe in allowing children the opportunity to learn and explore all aspects of art. Therefore, we have developed something strictly for the young aspiring artist -- Artworks for kids.

As part of our services, we offer a comprehensive art curriculum for children ages five to twelve. The overall curriculum is intended to introduce children to art allowing them an opportunity to learn, explore, and create their own artwork. The curriculum consist of key art sessions intended to expose the children to a variety of art forms and styles including portrait drawings, still life, landscapes, and abstract drawing using various mediums.  Art sessions can be tailored to fit your needs.

Through positive encouragement and direction, we introduce and guide the young artist into the world of creativity through art expression.

Artworks for kids offers an excellent opportunity to expand existing programs and services.

To start your curriculum through your organization or for additional information regarding Artworks for kids, contact us today.  We look forward to tailoring an art curriculum for you.  We are flexible.